Key Award Profile: Kim Hendrickson

Kim Hendrickson was hired to serve as an independent police examiner on Bainbridge Island. But she became concerned that the police commission didn’t want her to look too closely – and eventually they fired her in a closed meeting. The result was an ethics violation ruling for the commission, legislation to close a loophole in the Open Public Meetings Act and ongoing efforts by Kim to promote accountability and transparency, especially in regard to law enforcement.

Kim Hendrickson thought she was doing her job — to provide transparency and promote an open environment at a local agency – so it was a surprise when her oversight cost her the job.

For two years, Kim was an independent police examiner for the Bainbridge Island Civil Service Commission. In 2011, Kim was told that two of the three commissioners had voted to eliminate her position and assign her duties to a city employee. Saving cost was mentioned as justification. (Read the rest of her profile here)

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