2018 Madison Andersen Award Winners

As recognition of the estimated 20,000 calls and emails urging Gov. Inslee to veto the bill, WCOG is breaking from its past practice of selecting an individual to honor with the 2018 James Madison Award, and is recognizing the people of Washington for their advocacy of transparency. This honor goes annually to an individual or organization whose commitment to the cause of open government is demonstrated through exemplary words or deeds. This year, individuals from around the state will be selected from those who called or wrote to the governor opposing SB 6617, to receive the Madison Award as representatives of the people of Washington.

“We the people must be constantly vigilant, or risk government being taken over by special interests instead of focusing on broad public interests,” said Toby Nixon, WCOG president. “This year, we honor watchdogs in the media and the people of the state who spoke out and demanded legislative transparency. But none of us can rest on our laurels – the vigil must be kept!”

The unusual selection of awards acknowledges the multiple and ongoing efforts to raise awareness of legislative efforts to weaken Washington’s Public Records Act, which was enacted in 1972 by a ballot initiative.

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Transparency and public participation are building blocks of good government.

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