2018 Madison Andersen Award Winners

Registration is now open for the annual Madison Andersen Awards Breakfast, where the Washington Coalition for Open Government recognizes outstanding contributions for the cause of transparency.

The event takes place on Friday, Sept. 21 at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle. Registration and additional information is available here.

This year, the Coalition is acknowledging a large cast of participants who were responsible for preventing the passage of Senate Bill 6617, which would have exempted the state legislature from the Public Records Act.

Receiving James Andersen Award for service in furthering the work of the Coalition is Mike Fancher, former executive editor of The Seattle Times.

The Kenneth F. Bunting Award is being presented to Rachel La Corte, Associated Press correspondent in Olympia, recognizing journalism that uses, advances or educates about the state’s access laws.

Sharing the 2018 Bunting Award are the media of Washington state who urged the governor’s veto of SB 6617 through front-page editorials and television commentary.

For the 2018 James Madison Award, WCOG is recognizing the people of Washington for their advocacy of transparency. Approximately 20,000 individuals called or wrote to the governor opposing SB 6617. WCOG is inviting those who participated to contact us to be a representative of that unprecedented lobbying effort.

Additional information about all the award winners is available here.

Transparency and public participation are building blocks of good government.

The Coalition was formed to act as an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated promoting and defending the People’s right to know in matters of public interest and in the conduct of the public’s business. The Coalition’s driving vision is to help foster open government processes, supervised by an informed and engaged citizenry, which is the cornerstone of democracy.


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