Public Records Act.

Public Records Act

Relevant Laws, Codes, and Resources

RCW (Revised Code of Washington)
Public Records Act – Chapter 42.56 RCW
Chapter 40.14 RCW- Preservation and destruction of public records

WAC (Washington Administrative Code)
Chapter 44-14 WAC- Public Records Act – Model Rules
434-600 Promulgation.
434-610 Definitions.
434-615 Custody of public records.
434-620 Powers and duties of the state archivist.
434-624 Powers and duties of the state records committee.
434-626 Powers and duties of the state agency records officers.
434-630 Powers and duties of the local records committee.
434-635 Local records disposition authorization.
434-640 Methods of records disposal.
434-660 Standards for the accuracy, durability and permanence of public records.
434-662 Preservation of electronic public records
434-663 Imaging systems, standards for accuracy and durability.
434-670 The Washington state archives local records grant program.
434-677 Security microfilm.
434-690 Archives — Access to public records

Chapter 434-12A WAC- Public Records and Rules of Procedures

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General Resources
I-276 Voters Guide
Public Disclosure Act to Public Records Act Conversion Table
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