Year End Appeal.

WCOG welcomes year-end donations

The Washington Coalition for Open Government wishes you and your family all the very best this holiday season. The Coalition turns 20 in the new year and our anniversary will be a time of reflection and thoughtful determination as we greet 2022 which brings new possibilities and opportunities. We have never wavered from our resolve to make all levels of government in our state the most transparent in the nation. But make no mistake, transparency is at a crossroads. We must make sure we are all moving in the right direction.  THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW remains a steadfast founding principle of the Coalition.

Part of ensuring that people have access to government information is making our voices heard. The best, most effective way to make your voice heard on transparency issues is to make a tax deductible contribution to WCOG. Please remember, our board members put in hundreds of hours on PRA cases, issues, education, and policies each month without compensation and we need your help to do this work.

Here are just a few reminders of why your donations to WCOG are so important:

  • Statewide, public officials and employees are learning new ways to hide, delete, and otherwise block access to public records. WCOG has put incoming City of Seattle officials on notice that losing, deleting, or otherwise hiding texts and emails about the public’s business will not be tolerated. All other public agencies should take note.
  • Agencies, even ones that only meet once every ten years, need to conduct their business in the open. WCOG has sued the Redistricting Commission over just this issue. All other public agencies should take note.
  • Whistleblowers and those who report wrongdoing regarding public information must be protected. All public agencies need to take note.

We have always proudly proclaimed we operate on a shoestring budget. But that is not good enough anymore. This is too important a mission to operate on a shoestring. We have a dynamic agenda for our 20th anniversary year, and we need your support.

Many of you are making charitable contributions this time of year. If you have given recently, thank you and please consider another donation. In our charitable giving, we must not forget democracy. Please go to Donate – Washington Coalition for Open GovernmentWashington Coalition for Open Government . Thank you and best wishes in 2022.