Legislative Update: March 10, 2019.

Legislative Update: March 10, 2019

Here’s the WCOG Bill Status Report as of Sunday, March 10.

This past week, legislators spent most of their time in caucus and on the floor voting on bills in their house of origin. The next cutoff date is Wednesday, March 13, by which bills must be voted off the floor of their house of origin or be considered dead for this session, unless they are necessary to implement the budget.

One new bill was introduced this week that has an impact on open government, that being HB 2143. It includes an appropriation that would impact the budget, so it is not immediately dead. You can read about it in the report. It is most likely that the text of the bill would be included in the budget bill as a proviso rather than the bill itself being passed. Including the new bill, we are now tracking 87 bills, of which 38 appear to be dead.

We encourage you to contact legislators and ask them to vote against bills marked Oppose, to vote for bills marked Support, and to seek or support amendments to fix those marked Concerns. Click here for our complete bill status reports

Please note that this coming Saturday, March 16, is the traditional date on which legislator hold mid-session town hall meetings in their districts. Some may be having town halls on other dates around this time. If you have the opportunity, please go to your local town hall meeting and let your legislators know that open government is important to you!

Here is our complete list of 2019 Legislative priorities.