Our Committees.

Our Committees

Want to volunteer or join a committee?

Email us with your name, phone number, and the committee you would like to be a part of at info@washingtoncog.org.

Revenue Committee
Supports the mission and programs of the Coalition by developing and annually updating the Coalition’s short-term and long-term revenue strategy and presenting the strategy to the Board of Directors for approval, building membership, raising funds, and obtaining grants.  Also, responsible for the web site.

Legal Committee
Charged with intervention into legal disputes either as amicus or plaintiff in accordance with standards approved by the board. Also charged with education of lawyers and the judiciary on access issues, including through the use of CLEs.

Communications Committee
Charged with increasing awareness of access issues by acting as WCOG’s public relations arm. Responsible for press releases, publications, media relations, PSAs, as well as use of radio, video, online journalism, and social media.

Events Committee
Responsible to plan and organize WCOG events such as forums, conferences, awards breakfasts/lunches, Sunshine Week, etc.

Awards Committee
With a membership that varies for each award (anyone that has made a nomination or been nominated for the particular award cannot serve), this committee considers those nominated for awards, performs background checks as needed, and makes their recommendations to the board for approval.

Government Committee
Charged with increasing WCOG’s effectiveness in Olympia with elected and appointed officials. Represent WCOG in legislative and administrative levels as directed by the Board. Should have a partisan balance.

Board Development Committee
Charged with identifying and evaluating the needs of the Board, identifying potential candidates for nominations, and nurturing, mentoring and maintaining a positive environment on the Board of Directors.