WCOG Needs Your Support.

WCOG Needs Your Support

Transparency and public participation are the building blocks of good government. But public officials from city hall to the White House often block citizens’ access to public information and proceedings.

Just this year alone:

  • Two open-government organizations sued President Trump and the White House over apparent violations of federal public records laws.
  • Numerous media outlets sued the Washington state Legislature for refusing to abide by the state Public Records Act.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency began scrubbing its website of public information related to climate change.
  • The Lewis County Commission circumvented public meeting notices by declaring itself in session whenever the courthouse was open.
  • The city of Puyallup and a former councilman claimed his city-related emails weren’t public because he wrote them on private devices. Every judge said no, and the city wasted $100,000 on its dubious claim.

Join us in our broad-based, non-partisan fight for open government in Washington state. Your donation will help us fight for everyone’s right to see public records and watch public proceedings. Our democracy depends on informed citizens.