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Madison Andersen Awards Breakfast

Washington Athletic Club

September 23,2016


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The James Madison Award is named for the James Madison, the Fourth President of the United States who is viewed as the Father of the Constitution. He once opined “a popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce.” The Award is given to an individual or organization whose long-term commitment to the cause of open government has been demonstrated through exemplary words or deeds.


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The James Andersen Award, named for former Washington State Supreme Court Chief Justice, James Andersen, is given to an individual or organization that has done something extraordinary to advance the efforts of the Washington Coalition for Open Government.  NOMINATION DEADLINE CLOSED.


The Kenneth F. Bunting Award, named for former Seattle Post-Intelligencer Associate Publisher and WCOG founding board member, is given to individuals or organizations that have produced journalistic works that demonstrate the use of the Open Public Meetings Act and the Public Records Act or expose violations of transparency laws. NOMINATION DEADLINE CLOSED.

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